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Pinnacle Pools and Landscape Presents Ideas for a Pool in a Small Backyard
Thursday, August 18th 2022, 11:00 AM

Tips for Building a Pool in a Small Backyard

Elk Grove, United States - August 18, 2022 / Pinnacle Pools and Landscape /

Tips for Building a Pool in a Small Backyard

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Elk Grove, CA, homeowners don’t need extensive backyard spaces to build luxurious swimming pools. All they need is some extra square footage in their backyard to install a beautiful pool that will keep them refreshed throughout the hot summer season. The experts at Pinnacle Pools and Landscape are here to inform homeowners how to build a pool in a small backyard while enhancing their homes’ visual appeal.

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape is Elk Grove, CA’s most trusted pool company. Their team has vast experience building pools of all shapes, styles, and designs, giving them the skills they need to handle even the toughest pool projects. Homeowners looking for pool building professionals in Elk Grove, CA, should contact Pinnacle Pools and Landscape.

Build Long and Narrow Lap Pools

Narrow outdoor spaces are ideal for small lap pools. Unlike round swimming pools, lap pools allow homeowners to beat the heat while getting in a fantastic workout without visiting their local recreation center. Installing a small lap pool next to a modern garden or patio can also significantly elevate a home’s allure, providing more visual benefits than a traditional swimming area.

Make the Pool a Water Feature

Building a waterfall or steam leading into a pool in a small backyard can do wonders for any property. Incorporating a few water features into a pool’s design creates a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere perfect for summer parties and cookouts. The tranquil space will set a soothing mood that homeowners can enjoy while soaking up the summer sun.

Adapt to the Backyard’s Design

Small backyard pools often have unique designs that correlate to the backyard's particular layout. It’s best for homeowners to use their yard’s configuration to their advantage by building a creatively shaped swimming pool that complements the surrounding features. 

For example, an eccentrically structured swimming pool allows homeowners to express themselves while highlighting their backyards’ best qualities. These unique pools work great for artistic homeowners looking to explore their creative side.

Contact Pinnacle Pools and Landscape for High-quality Pools and Associated Services

Thanks to Pinnacle Pools and Landscape, installing a beautiful pool in a small backyard has never been easier. Their team can transform any tiny backyard into a luxurious swimming area without exceeding a homeowner's financial means. Homeowners who want to upgrade their small outdoor space with an exciting new pool should contact the Pinnacle Pools and Landscape team today.

Give Pinnacle Pools and Landscape a call at 916-604-1700 to learn more about turning a typical space outside into an at-home oasis and pool tile options you can consider.

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