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Pinnacle Pools and Landscape Presents Important Swimming Pool Safety Tips
Monday, July 25th 2022, 12:49 PM

Seven Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Adults and Kids to Follow

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Seven Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Adults and Kids to Follow

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Pinnacle Pools and Landscape provides essential tips and safety guidelines that all pool owners or goers should adhere to when swimming.

#1: Listen to Instructions and Obey Pool Rules

Though it may seem obvious, pool goers should always follow the pool rules. Whether swimming at a friend's house or a public pool, rules adhere to specific hazards, making them critical to pool safety.

#2: No Roughhousing or Diving in Shallow Ends

It's fun to play games in the pool, but ensuring everyone always feels comfortable is crucial. Avoiding rough play can prevent drowning and other accidents. Additionally, never dive in shallow ends or areas with a "no diving" sign displayed.

#3: Avoid the Dangerous "Too's"

If you're feeling too sunburnt, cold, tired, or overworked, it might not be the right time to swim. 

#4: Walk, Don't Run on Pool Decks and Wet Surfaces

Pool decks and surfaces can quickly become slippery when wet. Therefore, it's always a good idea to avoid running anywhere near the pool that gets wet. Actively supervise children to ensure compliance.

#5: Avoid Playing Near Pool Drains or Suctions

Pools use drains and suction to help maintain a clean and clear environment. One key to swimming pool safety is to avoid drain covers and pool drains when swimming, especially when wearing jewelry or loose bathing suits that could get stuck.

#6: Never Swim if a Storm Is Approaching or Occurring

Even if you can't see it, storms can often have lightning that is dangerous when in the water. If a storm is approaching, it's time to get out of the water and find shelter.

#7: Don't Eat or Drink While Swimming, Especially Alcohol

Eating and drinking while swimming can quickly lead to choking and drowning. Never bring your meals in the pool; keep them out of the water. If you've been drinking alcohol, it might not be a good time to swim.

#8: Know Your Limits

If you've never taken swimming lessons, consider your skill level before getting into the pool. Even experienced swimmers can struggle in deeper areas.

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape is a local, family-owned business passionate about helping Elk Grove residents with their dream pools. Contact them by calling 916-604-1700 for more swimming pool safety tips or to schedule a consultation.

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