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Pool Installers Share Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 11:55 AM

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape Shares Pool Upkeep Tips for the Summer

Elk Grove, United States - June 20, 2022 / Pinnacle Pools and Landscape /

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape Shares Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips for the Summer

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Pinnacle Pools and Landscape is a family-owned outdoor maintenance company specializing in pool installations, walkway and driveway construction, and various landscaping improvements. As the top pool building company in Elk Grove, CA, their knowledge and experience regarding swimming pool maintenance is extensive and continues to grow with new technological developments.

Their team not only installs swimming pools but also renovates, resurfaces, and maintains them. They know what you need to keep your pool in top shape in the summer.

#1. Monitor the Condition of Your Pool’s Water

Pinnacle Pools and Landscape knows the importance of your pool’s water conditions. The water needs to be appropriate for swimming each time someone jumps in, especially in the summer.

Faulty swimming pool maintenance puts homeowners at risk of becoming sick. The CDC includes diarrhea, skin rashes, coughs, and eye pain as common symptoms of a swimming-related illness. To stay safe, homeowners should make sure their pool is full of clean water by:

  • Ensuring the pool water has a pH level of 7 to 7.6
  • Skimming out debris floating in the pool
  • Checking the water’s chemical balance; for example, chlorine levels
  • Using the right chemicals for the pool type
  • Running your pool pump at least 8 to 10 hours a day


#2. Always Check Your Pool’s Filtration System

The pool’s filtration system circulates the water so that algae and mold do not have the chance to build up in the pool. However, the filtration system cannot complete the swimming pool maintenance alone. Homeowners should regularly check their pool’s filtration system.

For example, homeowners can check the pool pump’s water pressure, which can help identify if debris is stuck on the filter inside. Pool water cannot circulate with a blocked filter. Backwashing the filter into a disposal pipe or a specialized hose cleans the filter and returns it to normal function within minutes.

#3. Have a Pool Cleaning Schedule

Each person using the pool brings different bacteria and body waste into the water. Even with the pool’s filtration system working, it still requires regular maintenance to keep it safely clean for use.

Pool cleanings should happen at least once a week during the summer to account for possible use. Some cleaning tools include pool vacuums, brushes, and specialized chemicals for each pool type. While some resources approve of using a garden hose and vacuum bags for DIY pool tools, a more substantial clean comes from a properly built tool.

Homeowners can also save themselves the stress of swimming pool maintenance by calling on Pinnacle Pools and Landscape. Californians in the Elk Grove, El Dorado, and Sacramento areas rely on their top-notch pool cleaning services to swim without worry.

Call them at 916-304-1536 or visit their website to schedule a consultation with their pool experts.

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